Moulana Abdurahman Nackerdien

Moulana Abdurahman is well known in Port Elizabeth for his  melodious recital of the Quran. Moulana Abdurahman completed his Islamic studies degree at Darul Uloom, Newcastle -where he was greatly impacted by the character of Moulana Qassim Sema as someone that lived and spoke the Sunnah of the prophet (peace be upon him). Moulana also holds a degree in Education from Cape Peninsula University of Technology.  Moulana Abdurahman is the founder of Madrassa Tahfeedhil Quraan that focuses on the consolidation in memorisation of existing hufaadth,  and the perfection of the tajweed science.  He is currently the Imam of Masjid Huda in Korsten and the regional Halal inspector for MJHT. 

Moulana is the eldest brother of Moulana Rushdie.

To Lecture : Quranic Science & Fundamentals of Tafsir

Moulana Abdurahman`s message to Alfurqan students : 

I think it's important for students to register with Alfurqan in order to empower themselves with Islamic education and values. The community needs ambassadors of this beautiful religion.