Moulana Rushdie Nackerdien

Moulana Rushdie is originally from Cape Town.  He studied under the well known Shafii scholar Shaykh Taha Karaan.  After graduating with a degree in Islamic studies , he moved to Port Elizabeth .  In the year 2016 ,  Moulana Rushdie took up the position as Co-Imam at Masjied Taqwa , which is the largest mosque in Port Elizabeth. Moulana Rushdie teachers during weekdays at Ibn Abbas Hafidh school.

Moulana Rushdie is a strong believer in the constant cleansing of the heart , and takes great inspiration from Sh . Habib Umar of Yemen. 

To Lecture : Hadith and Fundamentals of Hadith

Moulana`s message to Alfurqan Students :

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