Sheikh Anique Allie

Anique Allie

Hails from Uitenhage where he commenced his Islamic Studies at the van der Riet str Madrassa. He then commenced with Hifz at Darul Uloom Zakariyyah, thereafter he received a scholarship to study at the Islamic University of Madinah. He completed a Diploma in Arabic for non-narrative speakers.

He also received a Certificate of completion of a Chaplaincy course from the Prophet's (SAW) Mosque. 

He then pursued his studies at the Faculty of Shariah at University of Madinah, whilst at the same time studying privately under Sheikh Abdullah Sawadi who hails from Yemen Hadramout.

The great influence of Sheikh Sawadi inspired him to further pursue his studies in Yemen, where he enrolled at Dar Al Mustafa in Tarim, sitting at the feet of Scholars of deen, such as Habib Umar bin Hafidh and Habib Ali al Mashhur bin Hafidh.

Why should students study at Alfurqan Institute? 

We have been informed by the greatest of Creation صلى الله عليه وسلم that seeking knowledge is an obligation upon all of us. 

Reflect and  question,  

When will I fulfill that obligation? 

Hasten to the light of your Creator and make that start at Al furqan.