Sheikh Is-haaq Lekganya

Sheikh Is-haaq is originally from Mahikeng in the North West.  Sheikh speaks 7 languages and has studied in Tanzania and Malaysia.  He holds a degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the International University of Africa in Tanzania,  and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from UWC.  Sheikh Is-haaq has his own Psychology practice within the community and is currently also employed by the Nelson Mandela University.  He regularly leads the prayer at Masjid Taqwa and is the resident Imam for taraweeh prayer during the month of Ramadan.
Sheikh Is-haaq has a love for Arabic poetry and enjoys reading the great scholarly work of Ibn Qayyim.

To Lecture : Tafsir ,Tarbiyyah and Quranic Science

Sheikh Is-haaq`s message to Alfurqan students :

Alfurqan is going to offer a dynamic learning environment, both contemporary and comprehensive knowledge will be the objectives of the Institution.  So , oh servant of Allah make the most of this opportunity.