Sheikh Muhammad Ariefdien

Sheikh Muhammad was born in Cape Town.  After high school he received a scholarship to study at the Islamic University of Madina in Saudi Arabia and completed a Honors degree in Shariah Law.  Upon returning to his homeland he pursued a MBA degree from the Nelson Mandela Business School.  Sheikh Muhammad is highly inspired by the motivational sayings of the Great Imam Hassan Al-Basri , and has deep admiration for the scholarship of Sh Ibn Taymiyyah and Imam Nawwawi ( He says about them : 'they held different views but both loved the sunnah and had a complete understanding of the Ethics of disagreement in Islam') .  Sheikh Muhammad is also a khateeb for Friday sermons around the Bay area, and acts as an adviser for various Masaajied and community organisations.

He is currently the Regional Islamic Finance specialist for one of the 'big four' banks in the Eastern Cape. 

To Lecture : Arabic ,Islamic Jurisprudence & Islamic Belief 

Sheikh Muhammad`s message to Alfurqan students :

If you are serious about studying Islam and getting closer to your Creator , then Alfurqan Institute will provide you the platform to meet your objectives.  A course that provides a comprehensive overview of Islamic Sciences , whiles bringing a practical component to your studies ensuring you are able to implement it with the various challenges you have in your daily life.

2 years of part-time study for the sake of Allah.